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Godly bt assass cd ring

Hey, I wanna know If using a godly bt assass ring 40% reduction fulltime swapped with a mord brace and gele ring with imperial double attack band cooldown 25percent% (swapped) with a quickstrike cooldown misc 15% a mord brace, a maj gele ring, swapped with a ss bt misc. Swapped with a bt cd ring sneaky attack 25% if you perfect doing this is it worth it if you are use to swapping alot?

Re: Godly bt assass cd ring

Trash skill
lose autos from cast time
Waste of skill points only being able to cast it 3 or so times

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Re: Godly bt assass cd ring

So you all know I didnt put assass over other skills obviously. If you are a pro. And cast it when cloaks up on bt etc. ONLY when all ur faster skills r on cd. And it's a massive. Gain I dont use it anymore. Tho. Because. I'm swapping a tad bit lesser dps. But more efficient against *** ups . Enjoy. That ring Lol.

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