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Looking for a fresh Start? Rhiannon is looking for new players!

A few months ago, some players decided to unite together, and push for a roll server. It was an exciting night, literally overnight, we stole Prime from them and did gele (which had been up for weeks), and the server has been a roll server ever since.

We are currently looking for new players to expand our time zone kill times for BT. We havn't killed it on spawn this event, but we have killed it 4 times in the past 26 hours. We have had TWO helms drop in the last 24 hours!


Here is a little bit of info about Rhiannon:
We Currently have FFAs on DL and EDL, and below 200 legacies. Raids are all server kills, with rolls, your late after boss is pulled. There are currently 3 big clans: Outliers, which still gears on a clan bank system (dl/edl drops are not allowed to be sold here). Synergy and Unity who roll for drops and your free to sell.

If your a plat buyer and love to spend money on chests for gear, this is a really great server for you. Chests go for around 45k ea and pures go for 5-6 mil. Some recent prices of raid gear include:
Godly FS necro brace 900k
Godly FB mord brace 700k
Maj Oblivions - 1.3 mil
Mighty Gelebron FB rings - around 1 mil
Royal dex Ranger BT helm - around 17 mil
Imp BT Bow ring - 8 mil
Void Night helm - 5 mil
Dark Gele Tank axe - around 3 mil
DL and Edl are insanely cheap aside from p crowns and p runes. Most dL are around 40-50k Edl books around 50-100k. P crowns 350-400k, Red runes 700k,

This is how our gele and BT schedules go. We have four set times for gele 11 AM, 4 PM, 9 PM, 11 PM CST. If gele spawns at least 30 mintues before any of these times, the raid is set for following time. BT is one hour notice required and has raid times of 4 PM CST and 9 PM CST. We kill BT within 24 hours of spawn but again would like more people to help expand these timezones.

We have only been killing BT consistently for a few months now but already have 6 helms! One Imperial dex rogue helm, one royal str rogue helm, one royal fire mage helm, one royal ice mage helm, str ranger helm, and dex ranger helm. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Re: Looking for a fresh Start? Rhiannon is looking for new players!

Great Post Leo.

A couple of important things to add;

1) Since moving to Server Kills 6 months-or-so ago, BT and Gele have gone down within 24 Hours of Spawn. We’ve been very consistent with this.

2) Competition for gear is a lot less rife on Rhiannon. We currently average around 40 Toons per Gele and 45-50 per BT so you have a decent possibility of winning some great loot!
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Re: Looking for a fresh Start? Rhiannon is looking for new players!

Great to see how the switch to a free server turned Rhiannon around! Just keep the prices low, they’re excellent at where they’re at. Pures are probably the most important thing to keep at a low price (Epona has them at 9m+ as a reference). If you manage to accomplish that you’ll attract new players at a faster rate. Biggest flaw with Epona imo is how overpriced some items are.
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