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We need a better gold sink chest suck

i recently have around 50mil i want to spend it on something decent other then gear i can buy chests but most of the stuff is junk from chests mounts are worthless eggs still sell for a decent price but dont need it fashion is mostly aeon or ugly not worth anything so what do i spend my gold on.i really think chests need to have some new rare stuff like the olden day chest have no idea why you removed how the old chest system worked before 2017 but this new one sucks its not even worth opening chests at this rate. make some unique new mounts or something that only exist for one event and then gone that way i can start spending my gold on something that will retain value instead of just hoarding gold that will probably never be used.
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Re: We need a better gold sink chest suck

Well, theres always a solution to over inflated gold.. it’s called a free server lol. Pures on Epona cost 9m+, high end gear costs millions... gold has tons of buying power as there’s always something to buy that you’ll need. Whether it’s for Dg, high end gear, or even your divine ring.

It’s a player created problem, so it’s up to the players to find a solution.
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Re: We need a better gold sink chest suck

I may just be stupid but could someone clarify how chests function as a gold sink?

Cause I feel like that’s just money changing hands rather than leaving the server in an actual gold sink. If that’s the case, chests never were intended as a gold sink...

That being said, the contents could use a bit of buffing as above has said.

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Re: We need a better gold sink chest suck

Something new needs to happen and the old has to go, when otm added the flights they were amazing and are a big demand (not saying make aeon kites) but adding something as creative and useful as those would give players a reason to purchase plat

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