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Re: Rings with a higher drop-rate?

All of our mages have things like, a few have Royal Cloak, Royal Incinerate, Royal Sacrifice, Royal Energy Shield, Royal Energy Boost, Royal Assasin Lure, Royal Ice Lure, Royal Ice Shards, Royal Firestorm (which doesn't get used)... They all have insane rings.. It's silly to keep seeing more go to waste.

I think it's where theirs less Mages than other classes. We only have about 6 or 7 100+ Mages, as opposed to like, 15 Rangers (8 out of the top 11 in Rhia). Our rangers are the ones that really get the worst of it, but most have started using aggy dmg rings now.

I'd like to see something added to the loot table where, it can only drop a ring with a class req of someone in the group that killed it. For example:

No Mages or Rangers are in a Swamplord kill group.. The Swamplord will only have the chance to drop a Warrior, Druid or Rogue ring.

No Warriors, Druids or Mages are in a Stonelord kill group.. The Stonelord will only have the chance to drop a Rogue or Ranger ring.
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