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Epona Boss Rules query

I have a question regarding the bossing rules

Was invited to a Grom 130 boss
There was a person under the level requirements who refused to leave and laughed about the “rules”.

I was told:
“if tank says it okay or need for quest even if under lvl req you can attend”
Apparently 90% of you will agree with that. This person apparently helped make the rules. If that’s true then this is complete BS.

So my question is, do the rules apply to everyone?

Re: Epona Boss Rules query

I might make a separate post for this, but it is about boss rules and gear requirements. I don't see any examples in the rules, but I was recently asked to leave priestess because I didn't have an appropriate offhand. Funny thing was I was waiting for boss and if my clannies had been able to help me we would have started and I would have had no problem, but two higher levels came so I grouped them and we started. I assume all most my gear is fine. Grand and royal rings, focus charms and braces. Frozen and Dl gloves, and a shadow grim. Only thing is I have a crappy offhand. As my first character on Epona I don't have much spare gold as I don't really buy plat, so I've spent it on other gear, and skills. Would someone with a masters grim and wand be no rolled at DL? I have never had any problems before this boss.

Re: Epona Boss Rules query

Khialla wrote:So my question is, do the rules apply to everyone?

No one is above the rules

In this case if the group were a bunch of friends then ofcourse someone underlevelled or geared could join and even keep the drop but if anyone was against it they would need to turn in the drop

SamySamSamBoss2000 wrote:Only thing is I have a crappy offhand.

What was the offhand?

Re: Epona Boss Rules query

SamySamSamBoss2000 wrote:A damage offhand, like 10 magic damage.

Also I was wondering if a masters grim would be an acceptable offhand for DL. At level 150.

Thats the same as no offhand pretty much, not acceptable for dl bosses mate but like above if your clannies are the only ones present at the boss and they dont mind you can still roll just dont expect others to overlook it. If you are unsure about whether your gear is acceptable, my advice is ask around before you waste your time at a boss only to get no rolled after.

A masters grim would be acceptable up to and including 170, 180 has level 100 gear req.

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