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Re: If you could..

Cleaner competition, more respect for fellow players, less trash talking.

This topic is a sensitive one and could turn ugly really quickly. Please don’t criticize other people’s opinions, and also keep criticisms of specific clans or people out of replies.
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Re: If you could..

In my new server Epona, some players bully me, insult me and threaten me, i want to stop it or change it.

In my old servers Donn, Lir, Crom and Taranis. Nothing, i dont want to change Dom servers because i already quit those servers and would never play in Dom servers. Never ever.

But if they change server Epona to a Dom server, i will quit and look for a free server.

And if all server became Dom server i will quit the G.O.A.T GAME.
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Re: If you could..

Would be nice to have a few more people on Gwyd so people don't have to dual log for stuff... Generally any dual logging for bosses is kind of a drain.

Epona is just it's own thing and tbh I wouldn't change it, it's totally different but also so lovely ♥
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