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Top clan and Server

Top Clan?
Top clan's system?
How difficult it is to earn gear from this system?
Any comp?
How active server as a whole?
How active is top clan and other clans?
Prices on lixs
Prices on sigs
How welcome are newcomers?

Re: Top clan and Server

Epona is a cooperative server so the opinion of "top clan" can be quite subjective based on what you're looking for. I can say that most players earn their drops by attending bosses and winning roll ceremonies, however due to the booming number of active players it's not uncommon to see players buying and selling gears for cheap. I will say from experience that most clans allow selling drops if it's done with the intent to upgrade the gear u need but this varies as some clans are more strict. But generally speaking it's much easier to aquire gear in Epona than in some other servers

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