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Question of abuse and harassment

So I'd like to know what the community and the mods opinions are on this topic that happened to me tonight.

I logged into the game in the castle and typed out then I was looking to buy a piece of armor to complete a set. I didn't hear anything for about a half an hour shut the 45-minute to hour mark I asked again if anyone happened to have it along with I added the caveat that I would pay double to Triple the going rate thinking maybe then somebody would sell it to me and because we are a fairly active server I figure almost an hour it's going to have new people there. And I have a high respect for the guild [Removed] which is on my server and they have worked with my guild for quite a while in fact my Guild Master is in ready to fight which is also a top Guild on the server.

But literally 30 seconds to 1 minute after I asked if anyone had the item the last armor piece to complete my set I started getting harassed by a gentleman named [Name Removed]. He told me that I was not allowed to buy or sell in show chat or in any chat for that matter and he said that because I asked to buy something and then almost an hour give or take a couple minutes I added a caveat of paying up to three times the amount for this item this armor piece. And then get attacked by him private messages and that Shout saying that me asking to buy an armor piece was unacceptable and that even if they were an hour apart and only ever typed once the second time was worded completely different and with a caveat of a higher price triple to be exact. And like I said I have high respect for the [Removed] Guild but I was very disappointed in the fact that the members that were online at the time that did witness it didn't disagree with his actions on how he conducted himself representing his Guild so I'm not here to defame him and I have high respect for the [Removed] Guild they have joined my guild many times to fight bosses and they know how to play good just like we do I personally would say that they know how to play better than I do but that's not the point the point is I'd like to know if this community believes it is acceptable to buy or sell an armor piece to complete a set that I wanted to complete and show chat. And secondly I would like to know what the communities thoughts are on posting one post and then amending that post with a caveat a couple of minutes before complete hour after the first. I did not type it at all after that because I was being slammed with slanderous defamation and harassment so I would like to know if I was in the wrong or if buying something from somebody selling and chat is an acceptable practice in this community I would like to know across all the servers if that is an accepted practice. Thank you for reading and I look forward to reading comments if there's a new policy where I happen to miss that when asking once to buy something in shout chat at the castle or if I was in the right and even though I highly respect [Removed] as a guild, if some of their members condone that type of harassment activity is that an acceptable practice in the community across the servers I look forward to your answers thank you.

Re: Question of abuse and harassment

I’m sorry you had to go through that... as far as I can understand the situation it doesn’t seem like you deserved to be harassed by this person (I don’t think harassment is the answer to any problem, though). I’ve never really heard of a situation like this before... kinda weird.
Again, I’m sorry that this happened and I hope it will be resolved soon.

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Re: Question of abuse and harassment

People can't tell you what to say in the castle, on every server I have played on people constantly spam nonsense in shout chat and it just is what it is. You do you.

I mean if you do it constantly you might get people blocking you but again kinda your decision.

People using bosses to buy and sell stuff in shout annoys me but it still happens all the time on Epona and no one really cares that much.
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Re: Question of abuse and harassment

I would like to thank everybody that commented on this issue that I had to deal with yesterday unfortunately today I find out that some of my long-time friends since I started the game believe that I was in the wrong for typing in chat to buy something at the marketplace like everybody else does and it's hurtful to me to lose such good friends makes me consider if I even want to play anymore.

I log in because of the community this community is awesome but if I am to be ostracized, and abused and am to lose a lot of my friends because apparently they're allowed to buy things in the shout chat command in the castle next to the market but I am not I feel that is wrong and yet I've lost a ton of long-term friends because they feel I was in the wrong. I've spent last night trying to figure out how I did anything wrong and when I logged in today they are buying and selling and chat like any other day but to them and a lot of my friends since the beginning of when I started this game say I don't get that right that it's not something they feel I deserve to be able to utilize.

They were mad that I brought it to the community forums but I only brought it to the community forums for two reasons to ask the community if I am missing something that I can't figure out that maybe a Community member could on how I did something wrong and the second was to warn others of this abuse and harassment. I did not mention the person's name and apparently the guild name now has been redacted so the community is not allowed to be warned but I don't think they would go as far as they went with very many people as they did with me. Now does that make that right harassing and abusing me? Does it make it right to tell a lot of my friends that they will be removed from the guild if they continue interacting with me?

And is it right that some of my long-term friends truly do believe that I was in the wrong for saying that I'd like to buy something and chat witch they've done daily and are probably doing right this second as I just logged off the game. This community is one of the best communities I found and I appreciate everyone's kind words and even the moderators have been very kind with me I respect each and every one of them I even respect the guild that these members belong to I do not respect the actions that their members committed but if it's to the point where my friends are either told they're going to get kicked out of the that particular Guild if they interact with me or they will no longer talk to me because they agree with gay original person that I have no right to buy or sell in chat at the marketplace nothing was spammed my buying offer was tied once and 45 minutes to an hour later it was amended with a three times the amount as a caveat to somebody that might have the item that would like to sell that's it that was all I typed.

But to some all of the sub I really appreciate this community I need to never remember and moderator within it you all are nice people, I don't know how many times I've been inspired by people in this community too many to count. So if anything know that as a community and there's a person you make a difference and a positive difference in many people's lives since people from all around the world play this game. I hope you all have a great weekend

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