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Re: Full support?

I’m the number one support rogue on Taranis!!!!
here’s my stats and items Hope this helps, something’s still need massive improvement like getting DG set lol,

I don’t use mount anymore for the fact It usually doesn’t last and I can use that 2.5m ish gold on items I need

Dex: 3095
Cunning: 6620
Expose: 3077
Smoke: 2187
Poison weps : 229

Helm: Shadow helm of bones +150 dex (mord helm)
OH: Glacial dagger +210 dex (shop dagger)
MH: Dagger of revenge +200 dex (corrupted gardens)
Neck: royal bloodleaf of subtlety +360 dex (CG)
Misc: skain frost +145 dex (skain)
Wrist: royal deadly ambush +170 dex +500 cunning
Wrist: mighty deadly ambush +140 +400 (gele)
Ring: 2x royal living flesh +80 dex +800 cunning
Ring: godly living flesh +100 +1000
Ring imp skulls ring +90 +900 (all rings necro)
Pet: T6 spider +180 dex
Gloves: DG +80 dex

Any question add me on line chat and maybe get a support rogue group chat going :D
RegulusBlack 222

Re: Full support?

RegulusBlack wrote:
SupremeDruid wrote:

No bt dex ammy yet tho

Nice expo any chance you can post items you use and stats :D

Royal ambush brac x2
2 imp necro cunn rings
2 godly necro cunn rings
T6 drag
Royal dex bt charm
Godly emberdrake ammy (looking for bt now)
Shad dex gele dag
200 dex offy dag
No battle mount
Rogue ShadowKnight - Herne (Retired)
220 Rogue XxPunisherxX

220 Druid SupremeDruid
222 Ranger ShadowArrow9
220 Warrior Supreme Noob That tank all the druids cringe at ;)
220 Warrior DragonKnight26
Gen of Atari

Re: Full support?

Pre DG
Shout-out to Ascension




227+ Rogue
221+ Mage
200+ Warrior
220+ Mage
200 Rogue
210+ Druid

Perma banned from ch friends band for spamming no u ft. Rogue81 & W7CH


Rogue BT Kill 09/20/2019

39th Full Doch, 14th Rogue - Danu

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