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Focus/Energy Calculation and Gear Effects - Bug?

Hey all. So I've been working on some new features for the CHDB site, one of which involves stat calculation. I was wondering if any of you have put any effort towards researching and calculating how different gear and focus amounts affect total energy, as well as any plateau effects.

I have the general calculation of focus to energy (roughly 6.25 energy per focus point), but the mistakes come whenever gear that boosts energy gets added to the equation. I initially thought that it was like health, where the boost is directly added to whatever the total is from calculating vitality...but that doesn't seem to be the case.

For example, my warrior has 150 focus. With no gear equipped, that comes out to 938 energy. Equipping my exalted dragonlord gloves (+75 energy) raises my energy up to 994...only a +56 boost instead of +75 like it says. I tried equipping jewellery, and an imperial necro brace (+400 energy) will increase my energy amount to 1338 (no drop off at all), then equipping the EDL gloves at that point still only increases my energy total by 56.

This got way weirder when I turned to my druid, with a larger focus amount and bigger energy gear boosts.
With 615 focus and no gear equipped, I have 3844 energy.
When equipping Occult leggings (+300 energy) my total went up to 3959 energy....that's only a 115 increase.

I then tried equipping my normal gear loadout, which I won't bore you with, but results in my druid having 1489 focus, and 8749 energy.
I then removed the Occult leggings, and now have 8896 energy...uhmm, what!? I gained 147 energy by removing a piece of gear that gives me 300?!

Is this a bug in the Energy formula? Or is the formula calculating the Focus to Energy ratio based on how much energy is granted by gear? This only seems to apply to energy boosts on armor and weapons, energy boosts from jewellery seems to add up as expected, and there is no issue with health boosts on equipment/jewellery.
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Re: Focus/Energy Calculation and Gear Effects - Bug?

I did some testing cause I was curious and found that when you have 0 weight, you obviously have the max amount of energy your focus can give you. I took off everything that added weight and equipped the starting mage gloves which added 2 weight and then equipped the upgraded gloves which added 3 weight. I found that for every 1 weight you gain you lose 25 energy. I tested it again with the same setup but with the pants this time which saw a 2 weight difference. Sure enough I lost 50 energy.

Then I compared myself with no weight and myself in full spellbound armor which gave me a total of 25 weight. Now I was expecting to see a total energy loss of 625, but I ended up losing 632 energy instead, which means there is a curve on energy loss due to weight. It’s really hard to test because of how weight varies on armor and weapons, and you have to take into account any energy/focus bonuses armor/weapons may give you.

Idk if it’s been tested/discovered before but hope this gives a general understanding.
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