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Help with account

Hi, I have a ranger lvl 126 that I have not played for a while. It is full met armor but does not have the bow of four winds. I was a nub to the game at that time and most likely I might have accidentally dropped it since I cannot find it (not in inventory both in bank and backpack). I sent a message to support twice and got a reply that I have not started the Meteoric Might quest yet and was pointed to this forum to ask for help.

Now warden Oisin in stone does not offer me any quest anymore which means I have already completed the met quests including the weap.

Any ideas on how I can move forward without a met weapon to upgrade?
Hopefully support can assist me on this, and maybe I can just repeat the met weap quest?

Re: Help with account

I have also ran into a similar problem as I am working with a friend that has lost mete weapon some how and he is a level 205 rogue and still can’t pick up DL weapon or DL offhand quest we have wrote support and a in game ticket but was told to search here for answers. We have done another in game ticket today as well.
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