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Re: The "new" dmg and stat bracelets from alch/carrow

I believe there are at least 1 or 2 of the carrow ones on Ros. The alchemical ones there aren’t any on Ros either. I know a few people have given it a good long try at farming them, myself included, but no such luck. I hope someone can confirm they’re actually still in the game, so at least those still farming aren’t wasting their time. Good luck to everyone who’s still trying though.
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Re: The "new" dmg and stat bracelets from alch/carrow

Neither of them exist on Rhiannon as far as I know. It was up for debate when I was farming if I wanted to spend my time on that bracelet or on my blessed crown. Even though the crown took a lot of time and energy. At least I knew I was making progress and was going to get my prize, so it made it worth the effort. There's none of that feeling of progress for these braces. Just complete luck.

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