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Opinions on finalblow

Heya all. Most of you know me. As you know i moved to mabon a few months ago. Unfortunately for me lies of a certain player have spanned multiple servers now. Including the one i play on. I ask you, players of belenus, to share your opinions of me, good and bad to finally settle this once and for all. And contact me some time! I have line again :) (line id: therealbaggy)

Thank you for your time everyone
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Re: Opinions on finalblow

Final is an amazing guy. Final has never been a scammer.. never intentionally griefed. He’s actually one of the best guys I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. He has a great heart. Always looks out for the best of the clan he’s in and takes care of the little guy. Hard worker and active. He’s been there for me more times than I could possibly count. Over the 2 years I’ve known him I’ve seen him grow so much and in good ways. Don’t let anyone make you think he’s a thief or anything else other than a good guy.

Re: Opinions on finalblow

I won't go into details here but if anyone wants my opinion please message me. I believe people can mature and change but Final isn't so squeaky clean. I don't believe in bashing people here but Final put up the post and I feel people have a right to know the whole story.
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    Re: Opinions on finalblow

    I’ve known Final longer than a lot of people as we were clan mates in KodiakReavers, and we have been friends for quite some time. He’s a good guy who found himself on the wrong side of things, and while he may have made mistakes in the past I’ve noticed that he’s been actively trying to repair the damage he’s caused. Whether that’d be friendships of old or stirred up drama. I’m sure nobody has actual proof of him scamming, so nobody can claim that without real evidence.

    I know he’s a good guy. He just has some cleaning up to do which he’s done a good job at. Shame to see so many other worse players receive second chances with little to no effort put in while he puts in a good amount of effort and doesn’t receive one.
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    Re: Opinions on finalblow

    I think that using one of the most dead subforums in CH to do that will yield very minimal results.
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