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Re: Global Castle feedback

Having the same problems many have already mention here and now can no longer log as my toon is in castle so just get stuck on loading screen. Have to ask why on earth was this change dropped on us for no apparent reason or benefit but with some obvious downsides with lag, glads and chat spam? The point of beta is to iron out issues before release not drop an update and use it as a live beta to fix the mess over days or weeks. Very disappointing that the player base has to put up with yet another messy update for the sake of an unnecessary change.

Re: Global Castle feedback

Doc Holiday wrote:
I feel a ‘waiting area’ in the arena where 1 vs 1 duels are allowed or a stand area to watch the arena battles while interacting with other players is a better idea, this way if you want to socialise you can.

Ya, I agree w that, if people wanted to talk to other servers, they'd hang in the arena, and do it there.
Given the fact nobody is doing that should indicate nobody wants too.

Yes, that would be a great idea! I never went in the arena after I checked it out a few times because pvp doesn’t interest me at all. I always liked that this game didn’t require it unlike most mmorpgs. I just don’t see the point of socializing with other servers.

Also, add me to the list of people who can’t get into the game anymore. I made the mistake of trying to go to the castle to turn in a quest, and now it won’t load at all.
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Re: Global Castle feedback

We're restarting the Castle zone to help players who are stuck.

Issues with lag can and will be improved, just like we did with the Global Arena. Celtic Heroes has never experienced this kind of issue, but our amazing team was able to make it possible. We're going to continue to improve it and have taken notes of some of the suggestions that have been provided to us.

Re: Global Castle feedback

Skerwald wrote:What exactly is the problem? Or is it just the servers being overwhelmed?

simply put, it's just the Castle being overwhelmed. Older devices will experience poor performance compared to newer devices, but we can optimize that as we gather data from players.

Re: Global Castle feedback

Honestly, with this much hate towards the idea, are you guys really going to continue to leave it as it is?
VR clearly ignored the importance of doing beta test on top of not communicating with the players.

And "amazing team"? Hahaha
let alone you guys cant even handle the problem right.

And Difinitus said in his replies and I quote "we knew it would be chaotic" damn straight it is. Chaotic not only because it lags like hell but no one likes the freaking idea.

Very disappointed with this pointless and in some part troublesome update. THE WORST UPDATE in ch.

Re: Global Castle feedback

Honestly, I like the castle idea, like the new gear, new pets and the update overall.

Ofc its laggy but It will be fixed as always. Meanwhile enjoy the resets with more bosses spawning.

@vr dont listen to people saying its the worst update in ch history. I dont remember a single ch update where people didnt say that and where some random people said everyone ll quit and game gonna die. Yet CH is alive and has more players than a year ago.
I like the update and would like to thank the team for trying to do updates frequently. Looking forward to killing the new boss.

@haters simply hating isnt constructive. Either say how to change stuff or report lags and bugs or whatever. Just saying everything sucks doesnt help anyone.

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