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Re: Global Castle feedback

I feel the lag impact and the amount of ‘spam’ in the shout list outweighs the positive side of the social interaction and seeing other servers gear. If you log out in the castle you’ll have a real issue trying to get back into the game which is hard for the clan banks.

I feel a ‘waiting area’ in the arena where 1 vs 1 duels are allowed or a stand area to watch the arena battles while interacting with other players is a better idea, this way if you want to socialise you can.

However if it’s going to stay in the castle then the bounty board needs moving along with gladiators, increase the hunters remains perhaps? And maybe multiple auction house points to access it
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Re: Global Castle feedback

I agree that the lag is pretty bad. Unless VR has plans to massively reduce the lag, I think an important thing would be to create another area with access to the bank, bounty board, and auction house (ideally the tavern in my opinion). I don’t want to have to wait 3-4 minutes to load into the castle just to quickly check the auction house, or move some things to/from my bank.

Gladiators should definitely be moved, I think that was just a major oversight in planning this out, and I hope they were not intentionally left there. Alternatively, they could stay in the castle if they were given like a near instant respawn timer. Maybe something along the lines of 1-5 minutes.
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Re: Global Castle feedback

I have to agree with the majority here. This is the first update which has made me contemplate quitting the game. The castle always felt like a place to chill between bosses, bond with clan members, and buy things from other players. Now it just feels stressful and claustrophobic, if it loads at all.

It was hard enough to kill the gladiator before, but now there’s no chance, especially if you’re on the lower end of the level range for it.

Also, the lag is so bad, one of my characters can’t even get her bounties. The auction house only loads part of the time which can cause huge issues if there’s a bidding war as well.

On top of all of this, my particular server has a player determined to sink the server by shouting negative things about it in the castle. This update just gave him a much bigger platform and made it much less likely new players will stay on the server.

I’m sure the devs had good intentions, but the global castle is just a nightmare. Please reconsider this idea.
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Re: Global Castle feedback

Zkills wrote:
Paccontiyaka wrote:
Difinitus wrote:Appreciate the feedback thus far on the Castle!

We knew things would feel a little chaotic in the beginning and we are confident that activity will settle and players will find it a lot more pleasant.

I highly doubt that.

It will happen. I’m sure atleast 70% of the players in there now are people who rarely go to the castle anyways and are just there because it’s brand new

That doesn't make any sense because after raids there are 2 most likely places people gonna go castle and tavern and even if its new or not there are alot of servers and if there 20 people in castle on every server thats 200 people so there will still be alot of lag and spam.
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Re: Global Castle feedback

-1 on global castle it sucks....
If u want to keep it tho "which u ll do cuz yall dont care anw" just add this.

Tsunami wrote:Can we get an option to filter castle to be only players from your own server ? It’s very confusing reading all the buying and selling

On another note i logged in the messy castle and cant relog yay.....also 4 of my clanees got same prob.
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Re: Global Castle feedback

Being able to login and play is most important thing.
Gladiators, lag etc. Nothing matters when I can't login and play.

Any way to fix this ?
Yeah toon is in castle. Tried several devices. No succes.

Edit: 10s of players in my clan have same problem. I can easily say hundreds of players across all servers.

Re: Global Castle feedback

I feel a ‘waiting area’ in the arena where 1 vs 1 duels are allowed or a stand area to watch the arena battles while interacting with other players is a better idea, this way if you want to socialise you can.

Ya, I agree w that, if people wanted to talk to other servers, they'd hang in the arena, and do it there.
Given the fact nobody is doing that should indicate nobody wants too.

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