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EDL Drops Buff

I know this has been asked several times in the past, but since I've never seen anyone say how it could be a negative thing I'll ask again. Could we please get some help reducing the insane edl bottleneck? Back when OTM fixed the frozen bottleneck everyone pointed out that would just push the bottleneck up to edl, which was already its own problem, and now the edl backup is much worse.

It takes an almost impossible amount of time for a non-dom clan to get edl armour and weapons on their players, and without it they can't really be competitive on higher level bosses and earn higher level drops for even higher level bosses n raids etc. It's a vicious cycle that prevents many many players who aren't in their server's dom clan from being able to play the end half of the game regardless of their level. In fact, ensuring there are always large numbers of players at edl weapons bosses is how some dom clans keep everyone else from progressing in the game and ensure they have no competition on the raid bosses.

If you aren't going to allow folks to transfer their current toons to another server where they might have the option of playing the end half of the game without penalizing them by making them throw away all their time, effort and money, then you should at least make this small adjustment to give them a fighting chance on their current server. It did not harm the game to buff frozen bosses (aside from adding to the edl backup), but no one expects that everyone should get full dg, nor is that basically required for raid bosses in the way edl is, so backup there is expected.

Please make ph's drop 1 item, 5*s drop 2 (with 1 being the preferred drop for that boss), and 6*s drop 3 and at least 2 being the coveted drop...or eliminate the ph entirely and make the 5 n 6* adjustments. When you have that whole color class system factored into the possible drops as well, this doesn't seem too much to ask. Thanks in advance.

Re: EDL Drops Buff

(@ people who say I think all drop rates suck .-. Lel)


Edl isn’t that big of a bottleneck atm. At times it can get difficult on illusions and runes, especially if a clan is only killing 210 and 215 EDL. However this can usually be rectified if a clan starts killing 200-215 EDL before their banks run out of illusions.

As for weapons, it takes a while but considering they are still top quest MH and only thing better is easy to upgrade (just do a weekly for base upgrade), I don’t see a reason to nerf these drop rates.

As someone who played for 4 years in small competition clans, it is a challenge, but that is part of the game when you are in a competition clan. It’s a lot lot lot harder because you willingly choose to compete and split how many drops drop on the server between two clans, making it take longer to complete sets.
This being said Edl 6* rates are soooo much better now and I think this was a better fix then just increasing drop rates.
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Re: EDL Drops Buff

Miakoda wrote:
bob the mage wrote:I don’t see a reason to nerf these drop rates.

Did you see a reason to nerf frozen drop rates or adjust frozen spawn rates back when that was done?

I was actually on team keep frozen the same .-.
I’ve never had an issue getting frozen gear. Now it’s soo easy to get no one bothers camping. I can just stroll through and take out the 6*s that are always up because of how inflated the 6* spawn is.
People getting to EG and having no idea how to play lock battles.
Basically all the reasons I was against the buff to them.

I love rarity, I just think it needs to be reasonable, hence why I say BT HELMS need a buff but I think the rest of the table is okay and fixed after last buff.
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That's right, Bob Essays are back!!

Re: EDL Drops Buff

I think we all sometimes forget the difficulty involved in things we achieved in the past and have progressed beyond, and aren't understanding enough of those who haven't yet achieved those things.

There may be several factors currently that make completing EDL more difficult that didn't exist in the same way in the past. The frozen backlog being opened and those folks adding to the backup at EDL, the dom clan being larger and having way more players able to show up for bosses, more players on the servers in general, and more players having many alts and lockers they need to gear...all these things may make the current challenge more difficult than it was intended to be or than it should be.

If VR wanted to try to help reduce the backup, but weren't certain they wanted to permanently adjust drop rates, they could do it only for a designated period of time to test it. For example, clans that can't even get most folks finished with EDL got very little from the CG update and it sounds this update will be the same. VR could throw them a bone and increase drop rates for the first few weeks that the update is out. They could state up front when the increase will revert back to the current rate so people could plan accordingly. That would also be an encouragement for players struggling to get motivated for that hellish grind from 180 to 215.

Anyway, the point is that just because most of the players active on the forum long ago completed EDL and aren't aware that there is a backlog there doesn't mean there isn't, and it would be a good thing if more mid level and/or non-dom clan players spoke up about things in the game that impact them negatively so that VR could better understand how they can improve the game for players like them.

Re: EDL Drops Buff

Until VR creates a new armor set above EDL with new armor dropping bosses (DG is not really an “upgrade” and stands as a overpowered alternative to EDL) there isn’t much necessity for an EDL drop buff upgrade.

With Frozen bosses, there were huge bottle necks for frozen (Grom and Pyrus Time was 2:55, while highest edl was 2:15 which I found ridiculous) that rarely spawned 6*s and rarely dropped what was needed. With DL, there was still huge bottle necks with DL weps and armor and preventing many from getting onto EDL.

While there’s still a bottle neck for EDL weapons, currently EDL and EDL weps stands as top armor to get (CG offhands and DG are really just powered-up alternatives to the respective EDL versions of them).

Until VR releases a brand new line of armor that is different and an upgrade from EDL with their own set of bosses to kill, there shouldn’t be a need to buff EDL spawn rates yet.

Re: EDL Drops Buff

The solution to my problem is SERVER TRANSFER or SERVER DONN CHANGE FROM DOM TO A FREE SERVER. If i can transfer my Blinkdagger lvl 194 rogue to Epona a free server, i can complete frozen armor set. I just buy frozen drops at auction house. This way its not hard to complete frozen, dl or any armor set. In Donn server selling boss drops are forbidden, but in Epona you can sell anything.

If they just allow SERVER TRANSFER in the past, maybe i alreardy complete frozen set.
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Re: EDL Drops Buff

It is true that for non plat buyer it is harder to level, advance in game simply because you have less money than others but there are many ways to make money by collecting cooking ingredients/fishing/trading or simply bossing that your arguments become invalid.

Also as a "solo" player it's no surprise that you can't finish frozen because these bosses were designed for multiple people to work together.
For my own experience I can say it is possible to finish frozen in one week of camping. And in my opinion this is perfect. Why hold up people at frozen if the game has much more to give at higher level/ endgame.

To stay within the topic... in my opinion 215 needs some adjustments. In our world we have around 20 people(in all timezones) sitting at 215 and waiting for a 4*. In total we have way too many who don't have edl weapons yet but 24 upgrade tokens for CG offhands. This is a holdup which can be avoided or at least lowered to a time that is reasonable.
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Re: EDL Drops Buff

Froze wrote:Until VR releases a brand new line of armor that is different and an upgrade from EDL with their own set of bosses to kill, there shouldn’t be a need to buff EDL spawn rates yet.

I'm sorry, but could you further explain this point please? I think I'm not understanding because it seemed to me you were saying that there were already enough people who have EDL for the number and type of current bosses, so there was no need to make it possible for those who don't already have it to get it....at least not until something better becomes available for those with EDL now.

Re: EDL Drops Buff

Tbh Jon in the time you have spent whinging about this you could have leveled up a toon on epona, you could have probably transferred your gold and gear as well. Clans kill bosses because they recruit and need the gear not out of some meanness to stop you. My advice transfer your gold and gear and get levelling and stop insulting people all the time.
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