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Lost password pls help me!!

hello, I write here because I recently lost the password of my account in the game, I wrote to the support of celtic heroes but it is appearing rather slow to respond so I also write here: D days ago I lost my account password, but being an account recently I had not yet connected any email to it ... so I can't start the "password recovery" process. My request is this if I gave you an email address could you link it to that account so you can recover the password?

Re: Lost password pls help me!!

Obviously I do not demand any immediate response, but after 3 days of waiting I received a reply asking for data and I sent them but after 2 days still nothing ... I understand the fact of having to wait but 5 days and still not having solved anything It's a lot. How do I send a ticket? I wrote directly to the support email

Re: Lost password pls help me!!

Don't think you'll be able to send a ticket if u can't log onto your account, and the ticket has to be from that account so u can't make another account and send a ticket from that one regarding a different account you own.
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Re: Lost password pls help me!!

demetrio2001 wrote:so I just have to wait for other answers from the support or create a ticket with another temporary account?

You'll need to wait for an answer. Don't create another account and send a ticket - that just causes more confusion and makes the entire process longer.

Because VR is such a small team, Support does not work over the weekend. They may be slightly behind on tickets when trying to catch up from the weekend, I'd recommend giving them a couple more days.
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