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Re: Question to admins about Beta

I just want the results to be good, to me it doesn't really matter what way they go around about it.
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Re: Question to admins about Beta

Im only on page 5 of this $hit storm of a post and its all making me laugh. Id just like to say that there are players from all servers, players who play on ios, android and computers selected. There are ios servers involved, there are android servers involved and there are players who made forum accounts just so that they could participate in the beta so an active forum account was not a prerequisite.

Every selected player should be named and given validation for being selected by VR? Give me a break thats one of the dumbest ideas iv ever heard in my 8 years of CH.

If you really must know however, i was selected because of my contributions in the CG beta in regards to the new releases and gear alike. As well as being one of the most knowledgable end game players in the entire game in particular in regards to the ranger class... You can also thank me for BT helms having elemental damage :lol:

@mecki firstly i have no idea who you are and i talk to a lot of end game rogues. You recently came back from a long break and expect to be selected for a closed beta? Surely i am not the only one who sees a problem there and acting all high and mighty certainly isnt doing yourself any favours when it comes to future betas. You are openly encouraging the breaking of rules...real clever

At the end of the day VR did what they think is best and if you cant accept that then idk what to say to you. There are no beta rewards being handed out to my knowledge so your not missing some exclusive hat or gloves so theres no need to fret over that. Your gonna be getting a solid new update and if the testers feedback is looked at and the raid adjusted, a very new, very enjoyable boss courtesy of the closed beta testers.

Not every player can be selected for every beta. I was not selected for the CG closed beta, only the open and yet i was approached and asked to join this new current closed beta. Best thing you can do is sit back and enjoy live until we are finished testing and then you get your chance to enjoy our hard work.
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Re: Question to admins about Beta

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