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Make desent server prices for every clan to follow

Hello all finegalist and all other who whant to join.
I wonder if we could try out new price list as epona server have for plat items, for all players in the epona server..

If all clans in fingal could try sell and buy for same price.. To make the economy ok as it was years back.
This is the epona price i founde.
To make this to work everyone shall try follow this list..

It will make others not leaving and it can make other players to come try fingal server..

Health Sigil Crates: 5k.
-Energy Sigil Crates: 5k.
-Backpack Expansion Crates: 3-5k.
-Bank Expansion Crates: 3-5k.
-Alteration Books: 3-5k.
-Rebirth Books: 8k.
-Ancient idols: 200-400g.
-Idols: 100-200g.
-Restoration Potions: 200g.

-Super Combos: 8k.
-Super Xps: 3k-4k.

-Heroic Combos: 15k.
-Heroic Xps: 5-6k.
-Heroic Hp: 1k.
-Heroic Energy: 1k.
-Heroic Travel 1k.
-Heroic Haste: 2-3k.
-Heroic Attack: 500g-1k.
-Heroic Defence: 500g-1k.
-Heroic Armour: 500g-1k.
For pet and mount token would be desent price
So new players have the gold to buy it..
38k pet 45 mount..

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