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Re: Screenshot Contest: Time to Unwind

Enjoy a party in Tavrern with music and dance. Drinks on me. ;)


Non official entry:
Also in my free time, I occasionally like to play my stormskimmer as a flute when the need arises.


Re: Screenshot Contest: Time to Unwind

Sitting at the peak of Stonevale beholding the beautiful sky light up as lighting strikes the nearby crystals for a spectacular light show. (Of course with my good boy)
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Re: Screenshot Contest: Time to Unwind

I love music... I find it very relaxing irl when in a stressful situation. Below I’m just chillin’ with my sis whistlin’ out some seamans’ tune!


Hi, ho, and here we go,
Through the rain and through the storm,
Ho, hi, as the clouds roll by,
Say your prayers and say goodbye,
Here we go, out the door,
Over wave and thrashing shore,
Come now laddies draw the sails,
Through the misty veil!
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