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Re: Anyone? Im new to this game, currently playing on Rhiannon

Personally I've found that many of the guides are missing some important info for players just starting up and definitively would have had a harder time without asking a bunch of questions for my mage. If you have some more specific questions thought it does help as we can't really guess what to tell you.

*Ok I just looked at Regenlife's druid guide and it's actually amazing. Very nice for druids as it focuses a lot on how to manage your character which is vital when you are starting out. It's specific to druids so not like it's much help for other classes but if you can adapt the management tips to your class it is very useful for anyone.
One thing I might add is that in the guide he says that the shadow armour is trash, and I'm not sure if he updated that part since they changed the amour, but it is definitively useful. I wouldn't take time specifically to do any of the three tiers (dusk, dark or spirit) but if you get most of the items for the pieces just by killing mobs for other quests it is worth it to finish the quests imo. It's better than the medowsun and gives a decent amount of focus (25-50).

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