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Re: Kron Jewelry

TheListener wrote:Anyone know what boss drops this jewelry and where he spawns?

Those drops are from an event boss a few years ago. The boss (Kron) is now in the legacy boss list, which means that it has a spawn timer of every couple weeks (give or take a lot). I’m not sure where he actually spawns though...someone else is gonna have to answer that.
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Re: Kron Jewelry

Kron spawns in Murky, North-East of the leystone in the square room (on the way to Necro) :)
There are lots of other legacies of a similar level lurking in Murky, they're great fun to hunt out as well.
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Re: Kron Jewelry

the typical road map for legacies is by level range:
Highest tier (usually 200+) - Carrowmore tunnels, with 6*s usually by fianna ley (ythair in DL Priest room), and 5*'s spread around the small rooms (spid 5 - sreng room, attach 5 - waterfall room, with the rest being in mordy pit)
Mid tier (usually 140-160) - OW
Low Tier (usually 110-) - Murky

Goodies (bitey) has a complete map on his website as well.

Hope this helps!
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