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Build Help

Need help with my current build, or if anyone could give pointers to help, Gold isnt a issue so i can get any lux needed.
Current Armour is Frozen set
Main hand/Offhand: 140 Wyrmbone handaxe/ lvl 100 fiery axe of triumph
Amulet: Lvl 140 Pathfinder's Raven Ammy
Misc: Lvl 90 Silverweb charm
Braces: Pathfinder Falcon brace/ Gladiator Brace of axe lvl 120
Rings: Haste ring, Pathfinder falcon ring, Royal Coldsteel/Stormfist Ring ( 40 magic damage/40 cold damage)
Lvl 1 Silver war bear/ Lvl 3 golden rabbit

Str: 500 (818)
Dex: 5 (160)
Focus: 10 (223)
Vit: 275(353)

Frenzy 30/35
Double attack 30/35
Rupture 30/35
Shatter 35/35
Pumble 32/35

Any Pointers will be greatly appreciated

Re: Build Help

Just my opinion. - If you’re leveling in Carrow I’d suggest collecting or buying bone shards for the bone armor. Good damage bonuses for the area. Looks like you’re about 150, so possibly upgrade your oh axe (ice or fire, not magic).

Look for gear that boosts vit/health possibly energy (not focus) and move more points into str for leveling. Skills look good to me.

If you can afford any lux, wyld ammy of the mountain is good, and replace the haste ring with a reaper.
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Re: Build Help

Your build looks pretty good to me. The main thing I'd suggest is to maybe consider swapping the damage rings for grand/royal skill rings...the 40 damage is pretty low, especially if you can get your hands on a royal ring. Other than that, you should be set for a while!
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Re: Build Help

Thank's for the input guys, I got the Ancient bone set with 2 dl pieces, and ill see if i cant get my hands on a reaper ring, but from what iv heard those are quite rare, and ill update my axe, and for the skill rings, what skill rings should i get? or are there any good 160 rings i should look at?

Re: Build Help

I’d look for a Jalan or Comrak poison set, or if you can’t find one an ice or fire dmg set.

Your gear looks good otherwise. When you hit 180 or 200 the shop rings are op and cheap for dps war, or you could go cg rings also. 160 is tough bc there’s kind of a drought between 150 and 180.
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220+ Tank
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