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Hey, I'm new to donn and i'm happy to call it my second home.

~~~Some fun backstory on my character~~~
Once upon a time in a far away land, Their lies Sulis. Filled with rivalry and distrust. A man named Infectious Climbed in a boat to sail away from the violence that had befallen the land. He came across Donn, a trustworthy place that he hoped to kick his shoe in.

~~~Introduction to Donn~~~
Hello guys and gi... Nah to generic...
Hey People... Nah to ugly looking
Hello Kind and Wonderful Ladies and Gentlemen... Seems perfect, yea, lets go with that.
Hello Kind and Wonderful Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Infectious, The Rapid shooting Ranger. I Originally joined this server because i wanted a different taste in worlds and people. So far Donn is really really fun, My clan is super helpful and kind to everyone, no matter what you are, Heck, you can be a whale and they still love you. The clan i'm in is called VikingsOfDonn, Second best clan in Donn. Yet i'm a level 60. So friendly.

~~~What is my Original Intentions on this post?~~~
I was wanting to know more about the lore of Donn, I also want to know if the server is good for merching. Thanks

(World - Username - Class - Level - Clan)
Sulis - Appfan3 - Rogue - 155+ - Evolution
Donn - Infectious - Ranger - 60+ - VikingsOfDonn (R)
Lugh - Secret account

Shivahh wrote:Not gonna happen, bloodthorn and certain stubborn players sums it up

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