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Clan Nirvana - Now open for new players

Greetings adventurers!

Whether you come from other servers to Taranis, or just downloaded the game and seeking fun and loot, you are welcome to join us.
Clan Nirvana is now open for players old and new alike, levels 30-150.

We are looking for players to work on gearing and bossing together in a friendly and supportive environment.
Eventually, these players will work with us on end game raids like Proto, Gelebron and Bloodthorn.

Drop us a mail in game, addressed to "Mr Sams", and let us have a chat.

Happy hunting!

*Edit we raised the level requirements to level 30 from 1.
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Re: Clan Nirvana - Now open for new players

My girlfriend (IGN: Kamilia) got into Nirvana thanks to OXLY. She's quite happy to be there and says that everyone is quite friendly there. I myself am considering to join too.

Also, Nirvana is a badass name for a clan. You guys should start making meditation sessions in Farcrag. It would be quite a scene, everyone's sitting there by the fountain, trying to achieve penultimate spiritual connection.

Make that happen.

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