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I agree that what the game really needs right now is just more seasonal events and seasonal items only available in chests to win back the players who left the game. I know those Santa hats almost got me to pull the trigger on some plat again but they do not have sparklers on the sides and make fireworks shoot out your butt, so I passed.

I would take more time to explain in depth how gimmicks are awesome, but I am going back to spend the next 4 months to farm what appears to be 7.2 million candles to get to the 70 no trade golden candles needed for my special winter antlers.
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Re: Will there be a new years event

The xp event was very good. Double bounty, xp and maybe double gold events would be nice to be seen on a more monthly basis. I think last xp event caused a significant increase in server activity, and that was during xmas when most players weren’t able to log. I think events like this on more suited times can help attract some more players to the game.

Another few options for mini events would be: increased drop rate for sunken lockboxes(fishing), boosted mastery event( cooking), increased snor/215 spawns for a weekend, lost luxury vendor discount( the sewers lux vendor for legacy lux items) and carnage events( not all legacy bosses, but just a few, for example only spider and smolach 200 have increased spawn rates)

Re: Will there be a new years event

Yeah I don't think there should be any more updates until CH runs smoother. Its a heck of a lot better than it was in the beginning, but recently I've experienced some lags and a few times got kicked out. It'd be nice if everything was polished so that if any more updates come up everyone will be able to enjoy them without any serious complaints.

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