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The ones who can't play yet

Hard to say how many people that don't use forums have this issue, Dark Heroine of Fingal whos been playing many years, after the update, has no mobs, no NPCs, and can't see other players, She wrote support in game but can't even open her mailbox, sooo.. that won't work either. Uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times on multiple devices, and still nothing, any help for people that can't play yet? I'm sure she's not the only one with this issue. Graphics setting does not make a difference.

Re: The ones who can't play yet

We have many on Gwydion that can’t play atm. We have paused Bloodthorn raiding until the lag is fixed. This mornings Gelebron took almost 40 minutes with 40+ players whereas yesterday it took 12 minutes with 35. Lag is worst today.
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Re: The ones who can't play yet

Geomancer wrote:Not just that, many people are still having issues where game crashes as soon as you log in (IOS devices). IOS is updated and etc. and the problem is still not fixed

While I am unable to log on one device, the other device is crashing regularly, including when trying to scroll through items to send mail and randomly at bosses. It’s a mess.
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Re: The ones who can't play yet

I'm at least able to log in and play, but my options are limited to fishing and killing easy mobs, because if I die my game freezes. I also can't cook anything or my client force closes. Hard to do DL and E.G. if I can't die or cook food for myself.
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Re: The ones who can't play yet

I can play, albeit with constant stutter and frame rate drops. It doesn't even seem to have to do much with the graphics detail as when I lowered mine to minimum I got the same amount of lag as it was at higher settings.

Let's hope that the coming Platinum sale brings a a hotfix alongside it.
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