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Re: Unity 2018 Beta Details - Discussion Thread

Sly Shadows wrote:This happens going in and out of places for me

Please post Beta bugs in the Beta Bug Reports forum.

Baird wrote:I submitted my account details for the Unity beta but I used my iOS account which I play on my android device, tried login in this morning but no luck, I'm assuming the beta is not cross server. Any help on this

rondank wrote:Recieved email for android beta but no information I use to sign in works.....why is this and what do I need to do to correct it. Also I can not PM @Difinitus since I do not normally make posts on forums.
Any help to fix why I can not log in would be nice. Thanks

Please post any future Beta related questions in the Beta forum. Accounts were not copied over. You will need to make a new account on the beta app or play as Guest.
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