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Bannable offence

I just have a question about griefing... aka destroying someones lixes when they try to exp or try to make a bossraid harder or even make them fail..

So this WAS a huge problem in donn .. and was reported constantly.. but noone did anything..
... now my question is.. have you started to bann for "griefing" now?
And what is messured as griefing?
(Dont know if I have posted in the right section)
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Re: Bannable offence


As far as I’m aware it’s only bannable if it isn’t within the normal confines of the game, with a ban being for something such as intentionally using glitches and exploits to reset certain bosses.

This might have changed under new management however.

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"Griefing" Definition

I would like to respectfully request that a mod or dev please send me (or better yet post for all) what behavior VR/OTM considers banable griefing. i.e. what actions, when those actions are allowed and not allowed, what game mechanics can be used and when etc. Obviously I am clear on the obvious; represent yourself as a good human, be respectful, dont talk crap, just generally be a nice person.

I am more unclear on the specifics of lock battles. For example: before spawn, pulling adds to a spot where we know the boss spawns, so that clicking is obscured. (this happens often, accidentally, especially at 170-180) After spawn, pulling adds onto specific classes to kill them so they cannot do damage. Using game skills such as bless, root, etc to interfere with the locking attempt of the opposing clan.

I am not asking for after the lock. After the lock, you walk away, that is absolutely clear. I dont want to argue about how we personally feel about it, :), I am just asking for a clear guideline from those who are pushing the ban button. So that we all can understand the expectations of how we can, under the rules, use the mechanics built into the game to make sure we are all locking respectfully.

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Re: Bannable offence

I doubt there are any specific rules about what constitutes bannable griefing...every case is different, it's really hard to have a set guideline, people have different levels of toxicity, and there are different types of griefing. That's why IRL we have judges and juries who have a trial, instead of just automatically sentencing people to the max penalty. To be perfectly honest, I haven't heard of anyone who has been banned specifically for boss griefing. It usually has to do with harassment, or account trading. In my experience, the people who tend to enjoy griefing other players also like trying to see how many rules they can get away with breaking.

When it comes to boss fights, as far as I know, pulling mobs and using skills like calm/root etc is all perfectly fine. The other clan will be really upset (rightly so), but if the player doesn't mind acting like a jerk, they technically aren't breaking any game rules, since those are actual game mechanics...VR won't (shouldn't) ban players for using these game mechanics for nefarious purposes. If they don't like how players use them, they need to fix the skills/mob mechanics lol. That being said, if another clan is utilizing these tricks only to mess with the clan (i.e. the rest of the losing clan left, and there's just 2-3 people sticking around to mess with the winning clan) then that leads more into the harassment zone....

In the past, players have occasionally been warned/banned for player harassment, which is griefing that is taken way too far. However, that is usually on an individual basis...a single player who is purposefully messing with elixirs (not just leveling in the same place), constantly insulting other players in chat, etc. It's not usually just related to lock battles (though that might occasionally be part of it).

Basically, I don't think players should be too worried about VR taking action over griefing boss fights, provided they aren't using glitches to reset the bosses...although I would really hope that their chieftain and other leaders would heavily discourage griefing and all-around toxic behavior of any sort.
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Re: Bannable offence

There are a lot of factors that go into a player suspension. I can't really reveal the specifics of how we decide such actions, but know that our team does so with 99% accuracy. Every player report the Support team receives is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. We take a lot of care to make absolutely certain we have all the relevant information and follow our internal guidelines.

Now, we're all human and sometimes the team gets it wrong - that's why we have an appeals process. If you feel that we made a mistake, or want some more details into your suspension, then you (not your friends or your clan members) send an email to appeals@onethumbmobile.com. Another member of the support team (who did not perform the ban) reviews all of the information to determine if we were correct in pursuing the action taken.

What is griefing? We define it as deliberately trying to anger or harass another player by using aspects of the game in unattended ways. For example, standing on top of a Quest NPC in order to prevent other players from clicking on it.

Is calling another person a bad word, griefing? No.

Lock battles are between two clans trying to win the rights to a boss fight is okay. However, if a player from the losing clan stays around only to try and interfere with the battle or try to inhibit the fight, that's griefing. If a player locks the boss but has no intention of fighting it with their clan and instead just doing it to troll, that's griefing.

Again, not every case is black and white. We look at lots of things to try and determine if a violation occurred, and if so, take the appropriate action. I hope this helps clear up some of the misinformation rolling around recently.

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