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Re: Servers going down in just under 30 be ready

Romeo wrote:As well as posting it on the forum. Some people don't use social media.

Yes that would be great too, when mulder was here he used to post twice, once at the top but also in th general forum too.
But with out notifications it’s easy to miss.
All I ask is can we please have a quick tweet and a face update so we know that would be great.

I know people in game already know but this game a 24 open server game so what if you have just woke up thinking about playing for the morning or night etc you wouldn’t not have know about it until you tried to log..

Please consider this feature thank you

Re: Servers going down in just under 30 be ready

Skerwald wrote:https://www.celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=98424

It's pretty late, I'd rather have an announcement 24 hours beforehand and posted in General Discussion as well, but you can't say they didn't announce it here though.

Yes I did see that but it wasn’t until after the in game notifications. I rarely check the announcements now as they hardly ever have anything new. My home is in the general and would be nice if they repeated the announcements here. This also give the players a chance to give feedback as well although not always good feedback

Re: Servers going down in just under 30 be ready

This looks like an emergency issue that had to be fixed right away. Would you have rather VR identified the issue, fixed it, posted an announcement in the forums (and social media), then waited 24 hours before releasing the fix? I doubt it..

It’s nice to get advance notice, but when there is an immediate issue that has to be fixed right away, niceties fly out the window. Every other game developer will do the same thing.

I agree that it would be nice to have it posted in General Discussion as well. Most likely it will need to be locked immediately, otherwise players will “give feedback” (basically complain, since theres no point in giving feedback about bug fixes lol).
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