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Re: What Was Your Favorite Event?

Ferron wrote:This time of year always makes me nostalgic for my very favorite CH event...Samhain 2015. The sky and scenery in Lirs was the very best artwork I've ever seen in an online game. It was beautiful and set the mood perfectly. What event do you miss most?

I miss this as well! Wish they could bring this event back. My absolute favorite!
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Re: What Was Your Favorite Event?

I particularly enjoyed the 2014 Samhain Event due to many reasons:

Garanak. It’s been the best event raid so far, introduced great gear for casters and melee DPS at the time, including the coveted Bloodthorn set. Although waiting 1-2 months for a Bloodthorn charm to drop wasn’t that fun, the enjoyable experiences with old comrades in the old engine with those graphics made it that much memorable.

The event took place during the game and Gwydion’s golden age (2013-2015) so it made it that much special.
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Re: What Was Your Favorite Event?

Summer 2013, it was the first event with really thought out bosses. There was also a good amount of stuff to do, like the crowns, scroll and dragonstaff farming. Celestial dragonstaves were the first lv 100 mount, and they were great for their time(especially the flamethrower proc... which is broken now). And it was the time where the first event chests came out, Ancient Beltane Mystery Chests.

And Im referring to all of summer 2013(beltane, birthday, and lanrik chests).
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