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Re: Strongest players on your server!

Sly Shadows wrote:World — Arawn
Not Classified by Clans

Best Rogue - FahimoExtremeo (yes hes actually rlly good despite being arawn)
Best Ranger - Hershot
Best IceMage - Imstoned
Best Firemage - Memories
Best Tank - Debatable but i say Me, arawn members can tell who best tank is if they wanna input.
Best DPS Druid - Girlsmama
Best Support Druid - Girlsmama (unless in dps build), S0lution
Best DPS Warrior - SurgeKiller

And best pvp rogue - Deadstrike:)


Re: Strongest players on your server!

Wolfenstien wrote:
Corrupt wrote:
Legend69 wrote:World: Nuada
Clan: Crew

Tank Warrior: TheQuantum
DPS warrior: TheQuantum (when he dps) or Lonan Alexander
DPS rogue: Gwen Minogue
Support rogue: BrightLight (that's me ;) )
Mage: Winnie
Ranger: Mahatma Ghandi
Support Druid: Dunno
DPS Druid: Arcane Sanctum


Tbh aidan and winnie on par

Aidan more swaps
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Re: Strongest players on your server!


Rogue: iiiiiii
Support Rogue: Cherub
Ranger: Legendzz or Ambie
Tank: Surya7
DPS Warrior: Gspot
Ice Mage: Ianth3a or Morganie
Fire Mage: Dgill
Healing Druid: Gorelark (10000 breath heal OP)
DPS Druid: Sylv

My views are based off of what they have done at End Game bosses. 7i Legendzz and Ambie are always getting the kill at Bloodthorn and no one knows their class better than these individuals. Support rogue has become one of the most important toons on our server and none better than Cherub at filling that role. Surya7 is by far the best tank we have on the server, not sure if any other tank on the server has mastered hotswapping as a tank like he has. There is some competition for Best DPS warrior so this could probably go to someone else but most of the servers warriors are tanks so there is that. On Ice Mage Thea is a master at her toon at ice mage and top dps, morg probably could be the sole best ice mage but if there was a classification for top multilogger it would Morg, and even though she multilogs a lot of toons she is still top in class. On Fire Mage Dgill is the only firemage to get Bloodthorn kills on the server. Healing Druid I had to side with Gorelark, Dr Watson is OP as well but Gorelark has amazing heals and he leads the tank groups and is a great field General when it comes to calling out what needs to happen when for the tanks and Druids. As far as DPs druids there is no one as good as Sylv at this craft on the server, Sylv has received credit for Bloodthorn kills as well.
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Re: Strongest players on your server!

Gwydion is definitely stacked on hotswappers of all classes. I wonder if its due it being such a heavy competition server that it drove ppl to master their role. On many servers I think like Belenus, theres too many cycles of quitting and too many casual players, thus on many cases theres no one person whos really overpowered, as well as a lot of gear sits inactive (as casual players quit faster/more often).

To not offend any belenus players Im just gonna classify my warrior as best of all the said roles including dps druid.
DPS Warrior

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MrScar wrote:Imperial gele sneaky ring is better than imperial divine ring :D

Re: Strongest players on your server!

Apples-Bele wrote:Belenus

DPS Warrior: Criminal
Tank: Imo, Chich M or Ezell
Support Druid: Nurture
DPS Druid: Strange (only geared one on server though)
Ice mage: GetLuredX
Fire mage: Sworn
Lure mage: Nubmage
Rogue: Injust
Ranger: Sere

Slayer>Injust cuz injust perma uses a shadow Gele dagger

220 ranger
177+ druid
Belenus - Elementals

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