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While I applaud VR's willingness...

to do events, if you're going to rehash old OTM events is go with the original Carrow Carnage (with Legacy 5* and 6* spawns, not the last one) and not Reset Carnage. Personally I don't really mind Reset Carnage, but there is a general in my clan whose about ready to hunt you guys down.
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Re: While I applaud VR's willingness...

Wardon-CH wrote:I think that the fact that people enjoy all these resets just goes to show that we would enjoy it more if we could do all raids daily. Not like it would change much as drop rates are horrible.

Daily - Noway. But what several have pushed for in the past is the removal of the long belly rubs spawn window that basically forces us to camp and park for 1.5 days. People enjoy the resets because there's no camping involved. Raid bosses should be put on a timer that rotates them throughout all times zones similar to Proteus, but more of a 2-3 day timer vs every day.
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