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Fishing daily quest

I cannot do daily fishing quests anymore. I could before corrupted gardens. Is this a bug? Or since I am level 200 in fishing I don’t get to do it anymore? The same thing happened after 185 until it was fixed. Since I’m the only one that is 200 in fishing is this just something that I can’t do anymore?

Re: Fishing daily quest

Tadaaah wrote:I think there's a ticket for this, but will double check and bug if not.

Can you give us more info just in case? Step-by-Step walkthrough?

Same thing happened when I turned 185 back in November or December, it was fixed like a month later when I was level 192. Now as before you can’t do the daily fishing quest in Carrow which starts at level 185 it requires, 3angler fish, 3 gulper eels and a king angler. Since gardens update it reverted back to where it does not even give you the quest anymore from the carrow fish vender. It looks like it has been previously reported from the other responder.

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