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Re: Developer Diary: Unity 2018

Well, regards to permanent content, I'm nearly 100% sure crafting will be the next thing we see, and after that I'm taking a guess on a storyline expansion in Fingals cave, with a new zone added coming out of there.

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Re: Developer Diary: Unity 2018

Jake wrote:Well, regards to permanent content, I'm nearly 100% sure crafting will be the next thing we see, and after that I'm taking a guess on a storyline expansion in Fingals cave, with a new zone added coming out of there.

I bet next area will be the palace in cg.. otm did say they were planning on making an expansion to cg that included more raids and mobs going from 200-220
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Re: Developer Diary: Unity 2018

Tadaaah wrote:Hey Heroes!

We know you’ve all been asking for updates on what’s coming next with all the changes and hustle and bustle around the Birthday Events.

As many of you know, the game moved to the Unity game engine years ago. Currently, we are developed on Unity 4 which is about 3 iterations of Unity behind the current version. We’ll be taking on the task of updating to Unity 2018. This is a large technical task that will take several months to complete. In order for the game to maintain function and development of new features to continue, it is a task that must be completed.

What This Means:
While the game engine is being updated, we won’t be able to push any major new features into the game. The good news is that the team here was already working on updating to Unity 2017 prior to the recent restructuring. There are some small changes from 2017 to 2018, but we aren’t starting from scratch on this task. That will speed up the process.

The Benefits:
It’s going to be a slow couple of months while this being updated, but once this is updated, there will be a number of benefits. A lot of benefits are on the backend and won’t be noticeable to the naked-eye, but will allow us to better develop the game in the future. As many of you have reported, there have been some visual effects that are totally bugged out and particle effects aren’t working properly. This should be fixed with the upgrade to Unity 2018. There will performance improvements that may be noticeable to the naked-eye such as loading times and FPS. More importantly, this update has to happen in order for us to continue development on the game and support future devices (aka iPhone X support).

The Game Plan:
Before we dive completely into this task, we plan on releasing a quality-of-life update to the game. This will include a new pet (chest), fashion (both chest and vendor, hopefully), mount (let me check on this one. There was something interesting about one of these items.) and a number of items to make your life easier. Below are number improvements we’re investigating. We can’t promise you how many or which one specifically are going to make it into this update, but we’re going to try to fit in as many as possible in a short amount of time. We want to get this update out and complete this task as soon as possible. The faster we update Unity; the faster we get back to developing new content and fixing larger issues for you!

    ● Bulk Mailing: Take all/Delete all mail
    ● Removing penalties for 220+ level
    ● Change to armor quests, so you don’t have to write in a ticket for that pesky item you dropped 4 years ago
    ● Highlighting the last selected item
    ● Adding playtime to UI (somewhere)

These are just a few ideas/examples. We’ll still be able to run events such as the XP events, so we’ll be hosting events both while updating and after. :) I'm posting this later in the day as more people are coming into the forums, so if we don't answer right away, it's just because we've gone home for the day. We'll try and answer as many questions as possible in the morning.

Have you ever thought to use Unreal engine? The size of the game will increase a lot and the FPS will be lower on old devices, but the graphic would be amazing.
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Re: Developer Diary: Unity 2018

We don't have any plans to move to Unreal. I'm not sure what you mean by "new character", but nothing I can think of to fit that description is planned.

We'll try to keep you updated as much as possible. I'm aiming for once a month like we're X% through implementation. There would also be lots of testing post-implementation.

Re: Developer Diary: Unity 2018

One thing I would suggest is maybe looking at combat balance after all this has been done, we have had the same skills etc for years without change! Spice things up a bit maybe when your done with class balancing and skills reworking u can add a new class! One major thing that needs to be addressed is stats plateau at eg it will be very typical to have 3k str but going from 2k-3k str will only add a measly damage boost this needs to be looked at


Re: Developer Diary: Unity 2018

I must say. We should give em a chance. Atleast till after this update of unity. Certaintly been more vocal than otm has been and slowly addressing long term issues people have been on about for awhile.

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Re: Developer Diary: Unity 2018

Corrupt wrote:
Zyz wrote:Another pet from chests
No tweaks to cg offhands
No tweaks to skills

Well at least VR is following in the footsteps of OTM and not listening to player feedback. Nothing like consistency.

+1 rip ch.
Also no pures changes. This is getting stupid af

Only bothering to dig to first page cuz they got banned for saying this.
If VR can’t take criticism then idk what they are doing running a forum...
Not everyone will love what you do, that’s just life, and just because people disagree with the majority doesn’t make them wrong on face...
I actually agree with them on this. I love the changes you are making, but all the things listed here are issues that players have been spamming forums about in recent times, and it would be nice for an ETA along those lines, or at least an acknowledgment of these issues.

Tadaah you need to be more professional and take a few pages from Muldar. I know you are new to the job and are still learning, but there is only so long where that excuse will be acceptable. When someone says something you don’t like, quote and ask why they said it, ask for more details, or ask them to reword it to be more constructive. What you shouldn’t do is ban someone for having a contradictory opinion to the conpany’s business plan. Why? Because the odds are he isn’t the only person to feel the way he does.

One more thing, ima be honest, I didn’t read the whole announcement, just parts. But is iPhoneX compatibility coming (finally) :D

You may now ban me :-)
Will give me a reason to do stuff in real life instead of typing up posts on the forums :lol:
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