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Re: Just Checking In...

I think the vast majority of players between 2011 and 2014 have left.
I had a few good years of fun, but unfortunately nothing lasts.
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Re: Just Checking In...

Danu lost the most old Farts...

only 2 of the first "major" Clan on Danu left, and maybe only left, couse they took longer breaks :)

ppl who could tell how the time without lix, pots and Sigils where, mostly left game :(

missin the good old times sometimes :)

But well nothing last forever.

Oh and the 2 peeps i am talkin are Clandethtine and me (DeathDruid/Similius), both back then in first Clan "Death" who is able to finish avatar of don with lvl 35 toons :) that was pretty fun back then :)
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Re: Just Checking In...

While I no longer play the game, I do stop in every month or so on the forums to check in lol. But yeah it's good to hear from you old pal! Y'all can't get rid of me that easily. 2012 seems like ages ago. Talk about a nostalgia wave! I remember the first time I met you, I was a helpless noobie, and you showed me the ropes. (forever grateful for that) Not to mention all those times we leveled together.
And to quickly add to Red's words, despite me being a few months late, I would also like to thank OTM. This game truly launched my love for MMORPG's. It's hard to find a game with a community similar to CH. I'm glad the game is still going strong.

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Re: Just Checking In...

Forgot my old forum accounts login details it’s been so long since I posted in here :o

I played a bunch during 2011 when the catacombs was considered “endgame”. I remember the main clan was legion...with lone wolf and reaper as leaders. Maybe my memory is hazy but I distinctly remember killing Avatar of Donn and all the other 6* that spawned down there.

Despite taking long periods of break from the game I’ve always managed to make End game for each era and have met some amazing people along the way. Whilst the game is vastly different to when I started, and has definitely improved over time, I will never stop reminiscing over the simplicity and satisfaction of doing a Stonevale boss run.

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