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Re: Hello o.O

Meh .-. I have to write one last 10 page paper and then I’m free for summer :3 also my lix buddy bogged down in school work so can’t lix D:

Server is fun tho :3 and hi Gr0n!
Sad to see you got banned cuz of a bug that others exploited :/ they need to figure out a way to only ban first person involved in transaction and not everyone -.-
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Feel free to pm me about anything or talk to me in game :D
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Shadae wrote:This Bob guy is a guide? Legitimately?

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Re: Hello o.O

Hey Gr0n, hope they work things out for your account
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Relentlessly killing Bloodthorn in search of the hidden helmet that is buried deep in the coding of RNG. We would love to see you join us on our quest for the hidden helmet.

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