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Re: Buy Firestorm of farm?

zkiiii wrote:
Subberino wrote:FS manuals are that cheap on some worlds?????????

Typically goes for 130-150k+ on my world

ye idk why some peep do tht.. on lugh its 100k copy isnt sold nd is still in ah fr past 6months(my playing time)... bt some gud nd sensible peep sell it at lower price. i got mine fr 30k nd sold fr same to non clannies.. Obiously free fr clannies

:lol: yeh, people will always try to oversell stuff on the chance that someone will be desperate enough to grab it.
(30k sounds about average for a decent price. I’ve bought a couple copies for clannies and spent less than 50k on 3 copies (not all at once; 3 different occasions))

Nosy blighter, aren't ya? lol
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