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Re: Celtic Timer App! Now open to all clans!!!!

Salinor wrote:
Shadae wrote:Hi..thank you again..I really like the app.

There s one issue and if you can direct me to a quick fix....I would appreciate it . I had a timer that someone accidentally clicked on...it added to the timer and since I didn’t know what the original had ticked down to..I couldn’t edit it..is there a chance to do what flo app does and before it changes a timer ask for confirmation?

Other than that I love it. Awesome work.

All the best

You had a timer that was already running get added to? The only way to do that would be to click the “edit” button and move the time picker wheel. If you just double clicked on a start button and it changed the time then somthing is wrong. Since once a timer is running it can’t be added to unless reset or if you use the “edit” button.

The reset button has a prompt before resetting the timer. I’d this what you are talking about?

I was so busy that day. Yeah, it added to the time. He said he hit it while scrolling and it added time to the timer. I just deleted the time. I should have screenshot it.

I have more time today I will go in and see if I can recreate the situation.
Thank you.
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Re: Celtic Timer App! Now open to all clans!!!!

Crowley2 wrote:Is the app working?
I have tried registering with several group names none work?
Do I need a group to use the app?

Can you PM me what kind of problems you are having?

Everything is up and working, make sure to register with an email first then login and create a group. Once you have created the group you will type the group name in the text field and hit log in.

This will automatically check to see if you have access to that group, which if you created it then you will. Since you are also the creater you will have admin access so you can approve/deny anyone that requests to join. Hope this helps.
Salinor- lvl 220

Re: Celtic Timer App! Now open to all clans!!!!

Crowley2 wrote:When trying to register group no matter what name is put in the group name box it says name already exists and won't let me register group I tried a lot of names.


It let me create a new group without any problems, make sure your group name isn’t already taken. There is a lot that have already been taken.
Salinor- lvl 220

Re: Celtic Timer App! Now open to all clans!!!!

Salinor wrote:
Geomancer wrote:Having trouble trying to register, doesnt seem like its going through. Maybe a step- by-step instruction would be nice.

Step 1: Click "Register" an account at the bottom of the screen. (Purple Button)

Step 2 : Enter email and password, this must be a valid email address. If successful it will send you back to the Main Screen. If not it will print an error message, either because the emails or passwords don't match or because you don't have a valid internet connection.

Step 3: If your clan already has a group name and password then enter the group name and group password. This is case sensitive so be aware of that. If not continue to step 4.

Step 4: Click on "Create New Group" Enter your desired group name, password, and admin password. Then click "Create". If the name is already taken you will receive an error message telling you to pick a different name. Once successful proceed to enter the information on the Main Screen and press "Log In"

Step 5: Sit back and enjoy

What type of internet connection must you Have? I've tried both Wi-Fi and mobile and nothing seems to be working for the register page. It just keeps kicking me to login and ask to register.

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