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Squeeze that small cooking option in there last second?

We all remember when there was that option to cook 10 items in a row without the need to keep clicking cook every time right in open and closed beta, right? I sure do. I asked before when it was released and was told it had some compatiability issues with the server stabaility or something like that and just wondering if they figured it out yet? Maybe add that in? Hard to see that it would cause issues tbh. Weird how it will not effect beta but will effect us in live....weird. I noticed nothing wrong.
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Re: Squeeze that small cooking option in there last second?

Apples-Bele wrote:I would make this a feature for lvl 175 or 180+ cooking only so it’s more of a reward. +1 either way

Or just make cooking more appealing? -1 on ur idea
Zkills wrote:Lmao. I could explain why in my opinion i think Skain sets are good. The fact that you hate on everyone for using Skain sets (because they’re apparently the worst things in this game?) just shows the lack of knowledge you have lol

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