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Re: Early Game Motivation

I agree it definitely has the old school grind feel which I do enjoy to a point. I think that the existence of 4x and 5x exp lixes gets into your head when you can't buy tons of em lol. And yeah the people are the best thing in my opinion to, It's why I made this post actually as I've met some great people since my return and would love to play more with them but don't want to quit before I get to the point of really being able to assist them, just gotta keep slogging though i guess.
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Re: Early Game Motivation

The game obviously becomes challenging if you choose to not opt for the plat route, but it can make it fun as well.

Setting levelling goals, merching, and farming, all the while socializing with clannies and friends is a good way to go about things, then there's the end game with the painful drop rates and camping, which is where the game truly lacks in motivation.
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Re: Early Game Motivation

The game is actually a lot like the classic MMO's from back in the day. Back then you had to grind and grind and grind, but it was fun cos you got drops and stuff like that.

Celtic is actually doing a great job and I'm very pleased with the game. Yeah, sometimes it sucks that I can't level every time I log on, but mindless farming has been an MMO staple forever haha.

Players just don't have patience anymore, and they say that since this is a mobile game we shouldn't have to grind forever. I disagree, mobile gaming is a great platform for MMO's and once the hardware gets good enough it may even replace or be be on par with standard Mmo's graphics wise and in scope.[/quote]

I hope I quoted you right.

I agree with you whole heartedly.

Just wanted to add that as far as spending money goes..I have spent a fair share on this game and it has not made it easy by a long shot. I wish they had more premium offers. That aside...buy elixers with gold from other players. People on Arawn sell them by the hundreds for gold that can be easily farmed. I will go out on a limb and say this is probably true for most servers if not all. That and like someone also mentioned ....get in a great guild and surround yourself with good hearted people...that should keep you interested and happily entertained.

Ooo one more thing...best advice I was given about the Druid class here in CH...it is a beast of a burden to level, but so worth it at end game. I dislike my druid...a lot. So much so, I call her the guilds Druid. Why? I give you one word. Interruptions.

All the best to the OP.
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Re: Early Game Motivation

^Yup haha.

The game is fun in part because the end product isn't super easy to attain. There's a reason we get bored with games like God of War and Rayman after a while, because it tells it's story, isn't that hard to beat, and then we have nothing else to do.

MMO's are something you have to be in for the long run.
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