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Haste dagger and Dex build for dps

I'm lvl 180 and trying to level up and boss lock as a dps warrior.
Every dps war I see has axe main and offhand, but some have a mordy halberd and haste dagger. Is this worth using?

I have no haste ring at the moment so my dmg relies on high skill dmg which can 1-2 shot 1* mobs and out dps most rogues but it highly relies on energy and waiting for skills to CD.
I want to see if I can have a better dps with defent skill dmg and good auto attack dps.

And another thing most warriors go for is Str and Vit, but that lowers your hit chance and dodge, or so I've heard.
Does Dexterity actually help with dps at all?

I have currently around 725 str and 420 vit, and I can do up to 3.5k+ pummel, 7k giant swing and 5k double attack.

I also don't want to rely on rupture so much since it's gear is highly wanted and it makes it harder to be able to gear up a good axe warrior.

I just want to try something different and I want to know if haste and dex works well for leveling and killing bosses. I know it may sacrifice the immediate dmg to ks, and that is why I want to ask the pros if they recommend this build or not.

Re: Haste dagger and Dex build for dps

Dont go dex build. Axe offhand is the best up until 180. From there eldrich/runic spite daggers are better than the axe offhands.

Spear or axe depends. If you level with a mage that has pierce lure then spear is much better. Otherwise id stick to axe. Rupture is warriors strongest dps skill so unfortunately you will have to stick with it
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