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Re: Gameplay or Graphics

I think many of us who have been playing
Mobile games for a long time have given up on graphics xD, now days there are good graphics mobile games.
Gameplay, Story and Music is something I look for and good graphics is just a plus for me.
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Re: Gameplay or Graphics

I miss the old, worse graphics. Back when the game was simpler and not 100% about gear and who has the deepest pockets. 2011-13 graphics are nostalgic i guess. And older devices wernt destroyed by the aparant need for better graphics every update
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Re: Gameplay or Graphics


If you have a beautiful game with little to no gameplay the player will simply get bored and move on easily (original No Mans Sky)
A game that has captivating gameplay, regardless of how simple it may be, will keep you playing for hours (think about the popularity of match 3 games)

Small indie titles have had me hooked for days where triple A games have failed.
Two of the most played games in our office are Towerfall and Stick Fight, both lack in the graphics department but due to their unique style and solid gameplay elements have ruled lunch breaks in here for years.

The majority of my games list are small indie titles found in the depths of Steam or Itch.io

Re: Gameplay or Graphics

Personally I think there both as important as each other, well for the more real games anyway; wow, oac, ch, ac ect. It's actually the graphics that draw me into a game, I'd probably pass the game by if I didn't like the graphics like the lego games, I'm not too fond of those graphics but I hear the gameplay can be just like any other I like. After a while when I get use to the look of the game I'll start to notice and enjoy the gameplay and all the features it has to offer. I'm more of a visual person anyway, I like things to look good but I don't think there's a right answer when it comes to this, everybody's different but I'd expect the more classic gamer would appreciate gameplay more.

Re: Gameplay or Graphics

FinallyAdi wrote:Just look at Sea of Thieves right now xD
And BDO as well.

I wanted to like Sea of Thieves but No Mans Sea is an accurate title for its current state.

I hope it gets better and finds its ground but I am glad I did not pre order it.

Re: Gameplay or Graphics

Rainbow six siege is one of the best examples for both Gameplay and Graphics.
ive played Rainbow Six Vegas 1-2 for half my youth o.O
great graphics , decent storyline and sucha fun coop gameplay experience!! id say the perfect balance between gameplay and Graphics wud be 60/40 as gameplay really can stand up for some messed up or "okay looking" graphics!
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