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Re: Free2play or Subscription?

Romeo wrote:Another gaming question but this one I been wondering myself.

This is probably more for the people that spend frequently (or not at all), but would you prefer a subscription based game with no IAP or a free game with IAP?

B2P, pay once then no micros only cosmetics!
And from yr question I’d prefer Subscription cuz it get ride of Bots, and actually hurts ppl who get perms banned for stuff they do.
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Re: Free2play or Subscription?

Subscription, easier on my bank account :lol:
With F2P there is always the pressure to buy one more stack of chests etc to be one of the top. Subscription everyone is kinda on a level playing field with player work being the only differentiating factor.
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Re: Free2play or Subscription?

I believe devs can have more freedom with a subscription-based game. They aren't forced to adhere to the f2p model - grindy gameplay, tanky enemies (just for the sake of lengthening the battle), repetitive content, built around p2p items and mystery boxes. With a subscription model, they can put more focus into what the players and themselves want. For a lot of games, however, subscription isn't viable. It seriously limits the customer base and is harder to get off the ground. It's easier to make a f2p game.

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