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Re: Cooking jewelry

F0SSIL wrote:Proficiency and Mastery rings would be great!


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Re: Cooking jewelry


Some servers have a lot of competition, personally i don't want to have to live in the tavern just to stand a chance of locking every boss, maybe others think differently but I find it hard to believe people enjoy the cooking grind. Making these perfected recipes more accessible and easier just means cooking will then become a requirement. Next thing you know, not only are we camping endgame, not only are we still farming frozen, dl, edl but we're now watching our characters shovel pixelated food in a oven for hours a day just to keep up.

Re: Cooking jewelry

LivingArawn wrote:+1. This would definitely help and could drop from the daily cooking caches.

With the amount of drops from a cooking cache it would be very unlikely to get one. Fishing uses a rod, I would rather have a spatchula, whisk, or a ladle to equip when cooking, because the quested fishing rods have concen and fishpower, why not have one of these items for proficiency and mastery that we can do a quest for. Rings could drop from the corrupted gardens, maybe a large corrupted tree with a labyrinth in its roots with Korrupted Keebler’s imps that drop them. I mean they have a Gordon Ramsay chef similar name...,why not korrupted keeblers, lol. They also have a chef in crook back why doesn’t he drop a whisk or a label? So much they could do, why put it in cooking caches?

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