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Re: Clan War Servers

The point isn't how strong prot is.

The point is if a clan manages to form and outlock for prot before the other 'main clan', they are endgame. It's not easy to do it for a boss with a predictable window, as opposed to necro which is random.

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Re: Clan War Servers

Chaotic wrote:
Shivahh wrote:
Chaotic wrote:Prot is easier to kill than necro

I know a server where prot base rages on :lol:

Doesn’t matter, prot is weak as when raged.

Not as weak as one who manages to piss it off.

Especially when it's the minor version.

It's as bad as having spirits raged at necro

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Re: Clan War Servers

I don’t get your point?

My point was prot is easier than necro, you can’t disprove that so you resort to ad hominem attacks? Lol. If that’s how you wanna spend your time have fun.

No server beat rage instantly most servers took 30min-2 hours on their first kills.
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Re: Clan War Servers

Danu has active clans. Top clan is clearly stronger than rest but it’s all down to luck and chance of who finds what when and who’s on. Had competition forever but if you considering it top clan isactive through all levels there is lesser clans at lower bosses. can work your way all the way through. All in all not a bad server but you gonna want to end in top clan in Danu or you’ll get bored. But that’s just my perspective.
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Re: Clan War Servers

Apples-Bele wrote:Belenus is good,
Elementals is the dominant clan and use leadership vote for gear with activity sheets too I believe.
Ronin is the second top clan who can usually actively compete in everything up to prot/necro and use DKP for most gear, and leadership vote for dl weapons/edl/dg.
Elementals is level 190 requirment, feeder clan Sylph which doesn’t have a level req I believe.
Ronin is level 180 requirment, feeder clan Undivided which doesn’t have a level req.
And a smaller clan, Roasted Rabbit compete on frozen often.
Most of the time arena is dead really but you can kill whoever you want whenever if anyone does step foot there.

There is minimal trash talk and next to no griefing.

I’m gonna start trash talking at every boss ur at
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