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Celtic Timer App! Now open to all clans!!!!

Hi all,

Over the last month, I have taken the time to code a synchronized timer app for all of the bosses in Celtic Heroes. After the last 3 weeks of testing and making improvements, I am happy to say I will be making it available to everyone. Big thanks to my Clan (Seed) for helping with the beta testing and providing valuable feedback.

-All Frozen Bosses
-All DragonLord Bosses
-All Exalted DragonLord Bosses
-All End Game Bosses
-Notifications when a boss is due
-Ability to create your own groups for your clan
-Ability to reset all timers
-Ability to edit all timers, in the case that a time is wrong.
-Autofill login(enter info once and never enter again)
-More timers coming soon!!!

Always happy for any feedback or suggestions for the app. Will actively be working on and updating it. If you have any suggestions feel free to PM me on forums.

The name of the app is "Celtic Timer"

Link: Celtic Timer by Michael Boeding
https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/celtic- ... 18408?mt=8

Below are some pictures of the interface:





Salinor- lvl 220

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