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I lost my ring

Hello! My nickname is uFeelMySkill 222 lvl warrior server Balor. 4 months ago I was bought by huntsman ring at an auction at the character Yramir Warnock from the clan Aequilibrium for 2 mil gold. All this time I used it because I'm playing in the tank build. 02/14/2018 I saw a message in the clan chat that the Legolazz character is selling some items from the lux shop. I asked him how did you get that much money? He replied that he donate. I bought the second huntsman ring from him. 02.16.2018 I saw that Legolazz sells the Reaper ring. I did not have the money and I decided to sell the Huntsman ring which I also bought from Legolazz. The buyer was Acaious May from Divine Glory clan. I sold him the Huntsman ring for 1.3 mil gold. I spent this money to buy a Reaper ring from Legolazz. My old huntsman ring all this time was with me and was marked as a star for the hotbar. Therefore I could not mix them up. 02/18/2018 Reaper ring and my old Huntsman ring were removed by OTM without compensation. As it turned out later Legolazz was a scammer and hacker. I agree that maybe the Reaper ring you had to delete, but why did you delete the Huntsman ring which I wore 4 months ??? As it turned out later, many of my clanmates were also deceived and received no compensation. I see no reason to continue playing this game until the ring is restored. It could happen to everyone. And who will sell items tomorrow in the castle can also prove to be a hacker. Money was spent that was earned more than one month.
P.S. sry for my english, i use translator +)
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Re: I lost my ring

I've seen the huntsman ring weared on UfeelMySkill many times, so it was bought long time before Legolazz started to sell stuff. Also I remember that ring on auction.

Re: I lost my ring

"All trades between the players are final and support not gives any refunds". Should we not trade at all? If any item would be removed at any time with no refunds and millions lost? How should we know if item is legit or not?
Ufeel bought the item for his gold, not got it for free. If the item should be removed from the system then it should be compensated. And it looks like support is not tracking anything, just removing an any item with appropriate name.

Re: I lost my ring

It turns out that people for many months honestly collected gold and for this gold bought the ring, and the administration seized these rings, explaining that the seller received them illegally. In the end, buyers lost both gold and rings !!! And the player UfeelMySkill was taken away a ring that had absolutely nothing to do with these deals and was bought by him at the auction. What's happening? Administration we are waiting for your reply !!!

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