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Re: Test Forum

Would be nice to have a go-to place for those new to all of the above (maybe in the top section before the F&S board; a bit confusing under classes :P)

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Re: Test Forum

Mind wrote:+1
Would be nice to have a go-to place for those new to all of the above (maybe in the top section before the F&S board; a bit confusing under classes :P)

Personally I like how it is maybe because I'm so use to it. I think its well designed and can be easily navigated by a new person.
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Re: Test Forum


I personally would love it if we had a section of forums dedicated to all the hard work you all do in design. Somewhere where you had every fashion set, the drawing board photos of the design, and maybe even the raid boss designs set up
as a gallery. We could also have a section for new designs submitted by the forum community. I know all of you at OTM put in such great work for all of our cool fashions, but maybe some of the ideas and concepts from the forum family could give a new perspective or idea for the designers to go off of. Also would be nice to see more artwork from the game we all love depicted and used throughout the design of the website in general. We love the design and the art in the game use that to your advantage.

Hope this helps!!!
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Re: Test Forum

Muldar wrote:[Thinking of additional boards and changes to the forum]

would be interesting if you could make a forum board that you would be allowed to access once you reach certain amount of posts. As bad as it sound it would encourage more engagement within the community. Maybe those who are well know on forums and have about 4000 posts could once in a while get a sneak peak of a mob or an area like a day or two before it posted for everyone to see?

Re: Test Forum

Put forum on an app ,this webpage is outdated lol ,i rarely use webpage and also would guess a simple forum app would make more players to visit.
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Re: Test Forum

merching section?!

now i can do something productive lol

(should be called merching, since most people already call it that)
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