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Re: Corrupted Gardens Beta Date!

Yes! Yes! Yes!
Thank you so much for the update Muldar. We are all very excited and looking forward to the Beta. We will do our best to test everything out and find all those annoying little bugs.

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Re: Corrupted Gardens Beta Date!

Robert wrote:
bob the mage wrote:Looking forward to beta :) can’t wait to see what’s in store.

But you quit?

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Re: Corrupted Gardens Beta Date!

Muldar wrote:Heroes,

I come bearing news! Estimated dates for our expeditions to the Corrupted Gardens!

Closed Beta
Thursday 1st of March - Monday 5th of March

Open Beta
Thursday 15th of March - Monday 19th of March

These dates may change but I will keep everyone informed as information becomes available.

Closed Beta testers will be emailed next week with details of the upcoming test, Open Beta testers will be emailed following the completion of the Closed Beta.

The regular band of Clan OTM will be there for any questions, general shenanigans and any support you may need ;)

Look forward to seeing you in beta!

When will the toons from the live server be copied for the beta server?
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